Tuesday, May 4, 2010

It's my party and I'll bark if I want to

Shopping for cakes at Harrods
"Excuse me, what's the limit on this thing? The doggy sky!!!!"
As you all of course know, I turned the big 3.0 last week. But what you may not know is that, after celebrating with a Mulberry shoot for big girls, the festivities continued. First a trip to Harrods Pet Kingdom on the big day, for a spoilfest (upon turning three, mommy deemed me ready to have my very own Barkney's charge card...apparently she got hers at 21 human years and hasn't had a lick of good credit since, family traditions, sigh)and to scoop up some essential provisions for my big bash which took place at Notting Hill's ULTRA doggy friendly Commander Pub (we got rained out of Hyde Park!!).

"No, bigger...no...BIGGER...BIGGER SLICE!!!"
"There you go...MMM MMM liver cake"
"God I need to watch my waistline, paw-fiterols don't just melt off a 3-year-old frame like they do at 2!"
"Which flavor pupcake do I want? ALLLLL!!!"
"I'm over it."
My party, of course, was a huge hit! Many of my human and canine friends were in attendance and the gift haul was to my diva doginista satisfaction.

"Wrestling at a party, how immature. I suppose they deserve each other!"
The only dint in my evening was the arrival of ANOTHER doginista, the pug/bulldog cross, Princess Layla Rose Hon (daughter of mommy's friend Jimmy), who, strutting about in her pink flower collar (which, I concede, I envied just a tad) went straight up to Pip, the scruffy Chihuahua/Jack Russel mix who is my on-again-off-again beau! After two lovely country escapades down in Devonshire and the occasional amorous meeting at an Angel pub, I can't believe that he abandoned me on my birthday to sniff the behind of a younger woman.  Ok sure, I'm a bit of a cougar (Pip is about one, and so is Layla), but still, it's my birthday and if anyone's butt should be getting sniffed its mine. Pip will pay, you'll see.

So to those of you who missed my soiree, I'm afraid to say you missed the canine event of the season (Pet a Porter is soooo overrated, mostly because they've not asked MOI to model!). And to those of you who came, all my lovely aunties and uncles, many many thanks for making this the best birthday this Dame Doginista has ever had!!!!!!!!!!

"The humans had cake too. But mostly they had wine."
"All for meeeeeeee!!!"
"Mommy, hurry up and cut the cake!!!"
"Despite the scorn, I still shared my cake. That's what growing up and being a big girl is all about."


  1. Butters - you were a supreme hostess, and maintained your doggie dignity while other doggies got boisterous. A thoroughly enjoyable day xx

  2. love you too titi!

  3. thank you very much Auntie Emma, and thanks for coming! xx

  4. Oh my goodness, BEST POST EVER. Happy belated birthday, Butters!