Thursday, April 29, 2010

Doginista: Mulberry for the Birthday Girl

Today is my third birthday, which makes me 21 and all sort of legal in human terms. Now that I'm ready to hit the town and wave about my newly minted ID, I need some new big girl duds in which to do the deed. Enter Mulberry, benefactor to London's posh pooches at large. Their cute-as-puppy-pie range of dogwear for Spring Summer 2010 proves that a dog, in true English fashion, is the brand's best friend.

So this weekend, I slipped into my modeling coat and smized with tail as we shot around the various mews and manor houses of the neighborhood. What can be more typically English than a Notting Hill dog out and about for the day clad head to paw in Mulberry whilst Mommy lackadaisically totes her iconic Bayswater?


Photographer: James Cocksey
Look 1: Dog T-Shirt Grey/Fuchsia Cotton Marl £50---click here to shop
Look 2: Dog T-Shirt Grey/Navy Cotton Marl £50---click here to shop
Look 3: Dog Raincoat Denim Coated Canvas £100---click here to shop

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