Monday, May 31, 2010

My New Bestie: Max Azria

You all know that first and foremost, on this Memorial Day, that despite being West London's premier Pomeranian, I am actually a New York dog. So when the invite arrived in my dogbox for the launch of London's first BCBG store, I new I'd have to slip into my slinkiest Herve Leger (spanx to help reign in the tail) before heading on down to the King's Road. You see, Max Azria and I go way back, wayyyy back. I even walked in his Autumn/Winter 2010 show at New York Fashion Week (as a favor, those of you who know me well know that, as I'm now a mature three-year-old, my dogwalk days are coming to an end, FROW all the way from here on out).

Anyway, it was great to see Max at the store launch. Upon sighting me, he promptly abandoned the extension-wearing tight white mini dress clad Channel 4 presenting bimbo at the DJ and came rushing over to greet me. Sweeping me up in his arms, we had a good cuddle just like we used to back home. It's so nice seeing old friends again...

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Impromptu Photo Shoot on Westbourne Grove

Yesterday, as Mommy and I were trotting down Westbourne Grove to go meet with the doggies at Dinny Hall, we were stopped on the street by a stylist mid-shoot wanting to employ my services. The shoot was for Dutch brand Oscar B and I gladly stepped up to camera. Afterwards, the photographer printed a photo for us to keep. All in a doginista's day's work.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Dog in a Bag: Mud, Mutts and Mulberry

Peace. Love. Mud. Words to live by, if you ask me (just please add "beef" and "tummy rub"). On Tuesday, mommy took me along to a breakfast at Mulberry for the launch of their collaboration with Glastonbury photographer Venetia Dearden. 

Whilst mommy was busy investigating the photography and chatting away, I discovered, to my great joy, that a doggy festival ground--Glastonpomerania!--had already been erected in anticipation of my arrival! I whizzed in and about the tent, wolf grin plastered on my face, and hopped from pink hay bale to orange to blue to yellow to green before having a quality roll around. 

Then, to my surprise, another dog arrived, the rather presumptuous Beano, who kept trying to paw both me and my hay bale (younger man, he was only one, when will these boys ever learn!). I soon tired of the flirtation and set my sights on the breakfast canapes making the rounds in the room (once I smelled mini-hamburger, hay bales and Beano be damned, I was on a mission!!).

I was then introduced to the artist, Venetia, who was a really lovely woman. Naturally, I had to test drive the goodie bag, this hemp sack, with a lonnnnng strap. The bag itself is perfect for me, mommy can fit me, her wallet, keys and phone (maybe a small camera) quite comfortably. It's not very deep, so there's no straining of my neck to see. The only problem (which is mommy's favorite feature) is the long strap. Since the bag itself sits below the hip, I get bounced around off mommy's bum when she walks--so it's not the smoothest of rides. But then again, shouldn't the road to Glastonbury be a bumpy unpaved one? It's not exactly an insurmountable problem. All mommy needs to do is tie up the strap when she takes me around in the bag and I'll be ready to rock and roll (in the mud) all festival long!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Canine Cannes: My Big Screen Debut

On Saturday, on a far away exotic location in Kilburn, I, Butters the Fashion Dog, made my silver screen debut, alas forgoing the red carpet a-beckoning from Cannes. A modest role, sure, but nonetheless a crucial one. The production is Join My Band from writer-director Naomi Wrigh, a short film about a boy (Steve) who meets a girl (Stella) who then starts a band to get said girl. Set in inner city London, the film is a comic boy-meets-girl story about how something chaotic but beautiful can emerge from the clash of opposites. And that's where I come in.

Steve is walking me down the street, as I'm looking particularly girly and cuddly in my pink fleece monkey pajamas, when he happens to spot Stella through the window practicing her harp. Then comes my big moment: I let out a yap, startling him from his revelation that he should form a band to get close to her...I yap a second time...all eyes on me, I can see the reflection of my eyes in the camera as it swoops down for my final close up...and scene.

I have already cleared a space on the mantle for my anticipated Oscar, Best Supporting Pomeranian.

Myself with Mad Fowler aka "Steve"
Max gets coiffed in between takes
no need for coiffing
camera-ready always
looking bored during the big scene

mommy bribing me with treats in between takes

mommy coaching me to bark on cue

all in a day's work, exhausted on the ride home

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Machine A!

with aunties Sunshine and Emma
On Friday, my birthday festivities solidly now a week in the past, I headed on over to Soho with mommy to help one of our favorite stores in London, MACHINE-A, ring in their first anniversary. Besotted as I am by store owner Uncle Stavros and the wonderful Uncle Paul (we bonded whilst Mommy had tea in the window one day with Johnny Blueeyes), it was wonderful to see so many Butters fans gathered together in one place (again). Aunties Emma, Laura and Sunshine popped in and Uncle Bert came fully armed as per usual with slices of roast beef just for me.

Whilst I was not allowed to see the installation going on downstairs (you'll have to skip over to Mommy's blog for that sort of grown-up content), it was great to catch up with my fans, family and friends. If not for them, what's the point of this fabulous fashion doginista life?

So to my dears at MACHINE-A, I would like to wish you a very happy first anniversary and many many more successful years to come! xxx

I may be canine colorblind, but even I could see that neon yellow outfit a doggy mile away
Lots of love with Uncle Stavros
doginista ready to be collected by her car and chauffeured home to bed

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

It's my party and I'll bark if I want to

Shopping for cakes at Harrods
"Excuse me, what's the limit on this thing? The doggy sky!!!!"
As you all of course know, I turned the big 3.0 last week. But what you may not know is that, after celebrating with a Mulberry shoot for big girls, the festivities continued. First a trip to Harrods Pet Kingdom on the big day, for a spoilfest (upon turning three, mommy deemed me ready to have my very own Barkney's charge card...apparently she got hers at 21 human years and hasn't had a lick of good credit since, family traditions, sigh)and to scoop up some essential provisions for my big bash which took place at Notting Hill's ULTRA doggy friendly Commander Pub (we got rained out of Hyde Park!!).

"No, SLICE!!!"
"There you go...MMM MMM liver cake"
"God I need to watch my waistline, paw-fiterols don't just melt off a 3-year-old frame like they do at 2!"
"Which flavor pupcake do I want? ALLLLL!!!"
"I'm over it."
My party, of course, was a huge hit! Many of my human and canine friends were in attendance and the gift haul was to my diva doginista satisfaction.

"Wrestling at a party, how immature. I suppose they deserve each other!"
The only dint in my evening was the arrival of ANOTHER doginista, the pug/bulldog cross, Princess Layla Rose Hon (daughter of mommy's friend Jimmy), who, strutting about in her pink flower collar (which, I concede, I envied just a tad) went straight up to Pip, the scruffy Chihuahua/Jack Russel mix who is my on-again-off-again beau! After two lovely country escapades down in Devonshire and the occasional amorous meeting at an Angel pub, I can't believe that he abandoned me on my birthday to sniff the behind of a younger woman.  Ok sure, I'm a bit of a cougar (Pip is about one, and so is Layla), but still, it's my birthday and if anyone's butt should be getting sniffed its mine. Pip will pay, you'll see.

So to those of you who missed my soiree, I'm afraid to say you missed the canine event of the season (Pet a Porter is soooo overrated, mostly because they've not asked MOI to model!). And to those of you who came, all my lovely aunties and uncles, many many thanks for making this the best birthday this Dame Doginista has ever had!!!!!!!!!!

"The humans had cake too. But mostly they had wine."
"All for meeeeeeee!!!"
"Mommy, hurry up and cut the cake!!!"
"Despite the scorn, I still shared my cake. That's what growing up and being a big girl is all about."