Monday, January 31, 2011

Doginista of the Day: Bella the Lhasa Apso, Reader Submission

Cute and cuddly, reader Karen McKenzie's baby girl just WERQs that little floral sweater! So on trend for SS11, you know what they say: Ciao Bella!!!

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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Pomeranian at the Press Days: Mulberry Mio

On Friday, Mommy took me to visit one of my all-time favorite human and canine brands, Mulberry, who were having their preview for Fall/Winter 2011. Remembering last season's Victoria Sponge Cakes from the press day, my little paws couldn't carry me down Bond Street fast enough. And sure enough,  in lieu of cakes (there were little foxy cookies which resembled my own visage so much that even I couldn't bring myself to chow down), there was a chubby and wrinkly faced boy pug, the Mulberry pug, lounging about at his mommy's feet wearing the latest season's hoodie waiting to greet me upon arrival.

Being the diva doginista I am, I can smell a fix up from a mile away. The human thought process is thus: "ooooh they're both doggy models, roughly the same age, it'll be love at first sight!" HEllllllo! Doesn't mommy know I string along multiple boys at any given time, it's just the diva doginista's way. Anyhow, I'll never turn my tail up at an opportunity to sniff bums with a pedigreed and STRAIGHT male dog, alas, I'm worried that Uncle Simon G's Dhilly has gone over to the gays and is now using me as a doggy-beard. However, straight though the pug may be, he was also working a little number at the press day and I just couldn't let myself be shown up. Exqueese me: I AM THE FASHION DOG, taste coming out of my little paws in spades. He is nothing more than a canine clothes-hanger, a vestibule on which doggy jumpers and jackets get showcased--it was very obvious that this here was a straight, unfixed man of a man dog.

So naturally, I was invited to try on this amazing taupe and cream striped mohair jumper, so that myself and my male counterpart could pose together for a few choice puppy paparazzi. 

Fashion dog and lover of limelight that I am, I beamed naturally at the cameras, widening my smile to put Julia Robert's to shame and coyly showing off the assets of that beautiful jumper. Poor little man was totally upstaged, I mean, just look at the dismay on his face in the photo above. When it comes to a little snappy sesh, all canine breeds must know, pugs simply cannot compete with Pomeranians.

That's right, you can make that sad droopy face all you want, poof beats wrinkles and that's that. Eventually, I got bored of his sulking and migrated in the direction natural for all fashion dogs: towards the nearest Alexa. Slumped over on the floor, a classic honey Alexa was sitting neglected, so I had to check it out.

After touching the soft leather with my paws, I knew that this little number had to be added to mommy's bag wishlist, and promptly set about seeing if I could climb inside (read: investigating whether or not Mommy needs to go oversized to accommodate yours truly). Too bad the owner had the damn thing buckled and I couldn't get inside! Opposable thumbs would be SO useful sometimes!

"I'm sorry, but can you help me with this latch thingy so I can try this Alexa on???"
"Who needs boys when you have toys!!!"
"And we all lived happily ever after..."
Except for Mr. Puggle, who went home sulking in a plastic shopping bag, his Mommy's Alexa having been usurped. Pommy WHAT!!!!"

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Portrait of the Pomeranian: Pretty in Plaid

Pommy in the Studio: A Visit to Corrie Nielsen

 Last week,  Mommy took me to explore the studio of up and coming designer (and Fashion Fringe winner) Corrie Nielson. En route to her studio, located at Somerset House, we bumped into the one and only Christopher Kane who gushed at running into me, we're old besties.

Anyway, I had a great time running around the studio and chasing stray scraps of fabric whilst Corrie talked Mommy through her toilles and inspirations for her stunning forthcoming Autumn/Winter collection.

Dsquared Dog launches on

Dixy wears a set that includes a collar and lead for small breeds in stitched, double layer Saffiano. The set has details in galvanized gold, alternated with the leather, like the lead ring and the Dsquared² dog tag on the collar. Comes in 4 colour variants, fuchsia and blue, red and black. The virtual world of is the home of the fashionistas Dixy and Mug, two dogs of different sizes, with a shared passion: their trendy accessories by Dsquared² 
About damn time, one of my all time favorite human designers, Dsquared2, have at long last launched an exclusive range of collars and leads, online now at, Dsquared² DogThe Dsquared² Dog capsule collection is available exclusively in the new Pets boutique on, fully dedicated to a range of stylish pet accessories and fashion for your animal friends.

Mug is wearing a black Douglas suit, in a heavy metal style, suitable for medium-sized dogs. The collar and harness are adorned with "killer" studs and the adjustable lead is composed of a shiny nickel chain that ends in a clasp that hooks onto a metal "D" ring on the back of the harness, made by hand. The handle of the lead is in lead for a secure grip. The virtual world of is the home of the fashionistas Dixy and Mug, two dogs of different sizes, with a shared passion: their trendy accessories by Dsquared².
In the canine spirit of giving, proceeds from the sale of the Dsquared² Dog collection will be donated to Much Love Animal Rescue, a 100% non-profit organization dedicated to finding safe, loving homes for unwanted, neglected or abused animals. Much Love Animal Rescue has a fabulous family of celebrity supporters who lend their name and status to help us save more and more animals, rehabilitate them and place them into loving homes.

Some celebs and their owners at the launch party...

Mischa's Pom is not anywhere as cute as me! OC= OUSTED CANINE
Paris' little chihuahua is pretty presh, I'll give him that
This snow-white blonde pom SO needs her roots redone, just look at those caramel-tipped ears!
Dita's Dacshund

No one ever told me BB had a dog!! Maybe he rented one for the event, like a Fendi bag
tough guy

Introducing Jaeger London's Pooch Tote

That's right, bitches! The Pooch Tote from Jaeger London aka The Butters Bag has at long last arrived! I received the following press release via my pom-mail last week, last one without a Pooch Tote is SO blacklisted at LFW. 

Introducing Jaeger London's luxurious, limited edition Pooch Tote - the only way to carry your most precious BFF.

Designed in sumptuous, nude leather with classic, discreet gold hardware and branding, Jaeger London's Pooch Tote is the most stylish dog bag on the market and has been designed to meet every petite doggie's needs, including:

* A clever design spec allowing petite pooches space to lie down and relax, thereby completely concealing themselves, or ability to peek out and take in the view.
* A stylish, leather cross-hatch concealed side air vent for easy pooch breathing
* A softly padded and washable base cushion ensuring a clean and comfortable ride for your tiny, furry friend.
* A versatile side flap, with zip pocket for your keys and credit cards, that can be poppered up at a moment's notice to hide away your pooch ensuring their security and secret access to the most VIP events.

Butters the Fashion Dog, muse for the Jaeger London Pooch Tote, comments: "As a fashion dog, I've always struggled to find the right bag to ride in that is as practical and comfortable as it is chic. Most of the offerings out there border on chav, and this doganista is anything but! Luckily Jaeger London has come to my rescue with this gorgeous, sleek, leather bag, that from the outside doesn't have anything canine about it - just the way we stylish doggies like it!"

The Jaeger London Pooch Tote - the perfect way to chicly and discreetly carry your beloved little pet around town, whether shopping or sneaking them into your favourite lunch spot!

Available at Jaeger's flagship Regent Street store from March 2011.

Price: £750

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Doginista: A day in the life...Outnet Shoot

Another day, another photoshoot. This time, Mommy and a bunch of her blogger friends were invited to play dress up at the Outnet. Here's a selection of piccies from the day!

Like Mother, like Pommy....we foxy Knoxies are suckers for Alexander Wang!
For some reason, everyone on set thought this Dolce & Gabbana jacket resembled moi. I really didn't see the resemblance! But if Stefano and Domenico stole my essence without cutting me in on some of the sales, they are in for one big wee wee outside their next runway show. Pomeranian W-E-R-Q!
Tala from My Fash Diary THINKS they're interviewing here, but the tiny mike stashed in my tail proves otherwise...all cameras are really focused on me!
But while the cameras may be focused on me, I'm focused (as usual) on the canapes! In particular the Outnet served up a tasty little salmon treat.
The tools of the trade--how else do you think I maintain my PERFECT fluff???
Photographers' assistants are always putty in my paws
 Be sure to watch this space for the final photos!!!


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Blast from the Past: Tompkins Square Dog Run, NYC

When I was a young pup, the East Village was my kingdom and I its queen. I used to OWN this dog run...


Monday, January 3, 2011

Pomeranian gets Pampered at the Harrods Pet Spa

With all the stress of the holiday season, back to back shoots, endless parties and whatnot, I'll admit, even this diva doginista started to look a little rough around the edges. And that's no way to start a new decade. Thank god the lovely folk at Harrods responded to a tweet of mine that I was in dire need of a day at the spa and came to my rescue.

The day began with a much-needed full groom. My groomer was a lovely lady who really knew what she was doing, I don't put the fate of this face in just any hands. A delicious bath with two shampoos, I soaked up the luxurious suds as if in a doggy hot tub, it felt SO good.


Then the groomer stripped off some of my dead hair, allowing my luminous coat to shine through, trimmed my claws and cleaned between the paw pads. Then she cleansed my ears (sooo satisfying) and ruffled me up with a warm blow dry. Then my coat was styled according to what I usually like: puffy as can be around the tail and body, but neat and trim round the behind so as to avoid messy poo.

Rub a dub dub, Pommy in the Tub
Next came the pawdicure, much needed, might I add, all these photoshoots and press days, traipsing up and down Bond Street can really do a number on your claws. The relaxing pedicure lasted all of 30 minutes and began with a luxurious vanilla and milk-thistle paw soak, if only Mommy would hop to it and end all my evenings in this way. Then came the nail clean up, finished with my little tootsies being wrapped in steam towels to soften paw pads and a heavenly gentle paw massage. The treatment helps to heal paws damaged by gravel, asphalt, snow, salt-treated roads and hot pavement (not that Mommy ever deigns to let me tread on such un-glamorous surfaces) and the vitamin-enriched conditioners keep paws soft, making them less likely to crack.

Then it was time for my facial, my favorite part of the whole experience, literally, if Mommy doesn't schedule me regularly, there will be puppy hell to pay. The blueberry and vanilla facial began with a
hydrating facial scrub to cleanse, soothe and balance. The mask has a natural and gentle exfoliating effect, helping to remove dirt and wipe away the unsightly tear stains around my eyes that had built up over the weeks since my last groom. The treatment was topped off with a relaxing head massage, I was literally in doggy bliss--there's a reason Pomeranian and Pampered alliterate. 

The finishing touch to my treatment? SPARKLE! That's right, tis the season for pooches to shine, with red carpets to hit and parties galore, forget the NYE Snooki-drop, I AM THE NEW YEAR'S BALL. I opted for gold glitter (to compliment my blonde locks) and they coated my coat with shimmer spray  (non-permanent and safe for pets). I literally glowed from the inside out when Mommy came to collect me.


Now, the pet spa offers a whole range of treatments geared towards maintaining our canine fabulousness from the inside out. For my slightly chubbier peers, the Pet Spa offers a Weight Management Programme in association with Hill's Pet Nutrition. Offered in 30 minute sessions, overweight doggies sign up to a weight watchers type program where they must keep a food diary and pop in for regular weight checks.


The introductory session is followed by five weekly weigh-in and assessment sessions lasting from 10 to 20 minutes. So if you're resolution in 2011 is to shed those extra pesky few kg, there's also the personal trainer, who guides you through routine exercises to help slim down. Complete with a doggy treadmill (flatscreen playing all the latest in canine reality TV), not that I'll ever need it, but nice to know the option exists should I overindulge on the chicken in the years to come.

The other luxury of which I didn't get a chance to partake but will certainly be going back for? Doggy massage. And I don't mean Mommy's half-assed attempts to stroke me whilst watching Mad Men. No I mean trained professionals. The Luxury Canine Massage lasts one hour and is based on human Sweish massage, working to relax muscles and release soothing endorphins. Not just for pampering, the Pet Spa also offers rehabilitation for injured doggies with a qualified pet physiotherapist. And finally, I simply MUST try this, the Pet Spa also offers alternative treatments, namely, "Animal Communication and Reiki Healing." Reiki is a healing method administered by laying on hands, or by absenthealing, and channelling energy to the animal enabling them to heal faster. The introductory session provides an opportunity for the Harrods reiki master to learn about your pet’s issues and to begin communicating with your pet. A consultation with the pet owner is followed by 40 minutes of reikiand 20 minutes of animal communication.

To all my civilized canine friends out there (listen up, Mommies and Daddies), I say this: the Harrods Pet Spa is pet pampering at its finest, the way it should be, and there's a treatment for every doginista. These two years I've spent in London, I've longed for luxury of this sort, which is considered the doggy norm back in my hometown of NYC. I would recommend this spa to every and any doggy I know, and cats too. From wholistic approaches to classic spoiling, every doginista deserves her day at the spa. So if Doggy Santa didn't bring you what you wanted this year, nudge your parents gently in the direction of the pet spa, because at the end of the day, it's not just the pup that gleans the reward of a fabulous groom. It's a new decade, doginistas, time to get glam!

 knots behind my ears, overgrown body fur and shamefully un-pawdicured paws and shaggy bum

 Radiant, fluffy and oh so fresh and so clean clean
Pomeranian Perfection