Thursday, April 29, 2010

Doginista: Mulberry for the Birthday Girl

Today is my third birthday, which makes me 21 and all sort of legal in human terms. Now that I'm ready to hit the town and wave about my newly minted ID, I need some new big girl duds in which to do the deed. Enter Mulberry, benefactor to London's posh pooches at large. Their cute-as-puppy-pie range of dogwear for Spring Summer 2010 proves that a dog, in true English fashion, is the brand's best friend.

So this weekend, I slipped into my modeling coat and smized with tail as we shot around the various mews and manor houses of the neighborhood. What can be more typically English than a Notting Hill dog out and about for the day clad head to paw in Mulberry whilst Mommy lackadaisically totes her iconic Bayswater?


Photographer: James Cocksey
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Look 3: Dog Raincoat Denim Coated Canvas £100---click here to shop

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Dog in a Bag: Anthropologie Straw Satchel

Welcome to my new series, "Dog in a Bag." While many of you may think it cliche for a pint sized pooch to ride around town in any manner of arm candy,  hear this: it is the only real practical way for both mommy and me to get around town on long days where crowded city streets require careful fording and a pom trodding upon the sidewalk would become a canine pancake in two seconds flat.

chillaxing in another bag from Anthro
I've been riding in bags since the earliest days of my puppyhood, on account of the fact that I was unable to get my rabies shot til I was 4 months old and I first came home to mommy when I was 2 months. Letting an unvaccinated pom roam the filth infested streets of Manhattan is as good as a death sentence, so for the first two months of my life as the Doginista, I saw the world from the inside of an array of totes and have been a bag hag ever since.

Hence this series. Not just any bag will do you see. Riding in purses is a bit of a Goldidog scenario: some are too big, some are too small and few are juuuuuust right. So imagine our delight when we stumbled upon this Hyacinth and Hydrangea Satchel at mommy's longtime retail love, Anthropologie on Regent Street. Featuring these adorable white petal puff blooms and yarn-stitched leaves (I'll admit, I may have tried to gnaw at a hydrangea or two), this green grassy straw and leather trimmed carryall is just the right size for me to sit down on all fours comfortably and pop my head out the front so as to continue to steer operations. At £68, it's just the right price too.

The bag has three inner pockets, so mommy can stash her Oyster card, phone and wallet in a place easily accessible (i.e. she doesn't have to root around under my tummy and paws to dig out her bits). And the cute printed cotton lining is soft on my baby-sensitive pomeranian skin. The one drawback? The straps are bit on the short side for mommy's comfort (15cm strap drop) and sometimes, my face is all up in her armpits.

Final grade?  3 paws out of 4

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Butters meets the Wire's Stringer Bell

Another day, another cuddle from an A-lister. Whilst busy hoovering the floor for wayward cupcake crumbs at the soft launch of eBay's new Fashion Outlet at the Soho Hotel, who should pop in to the suite but British actor Idris Elba aka Russell "Stringer" Bell from the Wire. Evidently, he was amongst the hotel's fine patrons, but word of my presence lured him to the eBay suite for a quick peek. He was really really nice, and his companion fed me some delicious prawn crackers from their newly collection Thai take-away.

Stringer knows who put the "bark" in Barksdale. Hence the prawn crackers.

Monday, April 19, 2010

For Pomeranians All the World's a Stage

My life is so hard sometimes, so please forgive me whilst I indulge myself in a little Pomeranian puppy-pity fest (they don't call it the world's tiniest violin for nothing, just wish I had the opposable thumbs to use it). Just like any A-list pet, I can't seem to go anywhere without being stopped for a stroke, cooed over incessantly by women young and old, it's utterly exhausting (ok, you know I love it). But sometimes, my cuteness gets me into trouble.  It's my own fault, really, for strutting instead of walking, giving the people a little Pommy one-two-step as a I tikki tikki my way around Londontown and I know that tail of mine is simply irresistible, beleaguering a bit of a squeeze as it waves haughtily behind me in the air. 

Human: amused. Canine: not so much
But Thursday night, when I accompanied Mommy to hear Vivienne Westwood speak at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern, already exhausted after a vigorous afternoon of inspecting Pomeranian-resembling accessories at Chanel--i.e Yeti boots which could have been a distant cousin of mine, my cuteness was the cause of trouble for me once again. Before the Dame's big entrance, comedian and live comedy chat show host, Scott Capurro, spotted me amongst the crowd and, to my horror, pulled me up on stage (I wasn't even wearing a doggy outfit...just my blandest flesh-toned Puppia!!). Once over the initial shock of being singled out without proper styling, I couldn't help but start to enjoy myself as my host-slash-holder cracked a few good humored jokes at my expense ("this is the gayest I've ever been!").

Capurro worships Jane Turner. Why didn't I get this same reverential treatment???
I was then returned to Mommy and the infidel comedian went back to his routine as planned, interviewing Kath & Kim's Jane Turner, followed by a surprisingly rousing musical performance from a band called ToyToy.

Then came Vivienne at last. Be sure to check out Mommy's post on the Clothes Whisperer for the full story. I won't repeat her here but I will say this. After a bit of a diatribe on fame and being famous, Viv explained that for the most part, when people approach her on the street, she obliges. Only once did she ignore a fan. From inside the protected confines of Mommy's white slouchy leather tote, I listened intently to her wise words.

The ToyToys take the stage
"I dont want to compare myself to Marilyn Monroe," she said. "She used to do this thing where she could walk down the street or she could become Marilyn. I never want to be Marilyn. But sometimes people do come up to you and that's that." Well I DO want to compare myself to Marilyn (what, we're both bombshell blonds?!). So if Marilyn and Viv can grace the people without complaint, do their gracious duty, I can suck up my little puppy gripings and give the people what they want! Where's Scotty, I'm ready for my encore...

My adoring fans...and Uncle Bert

Friday, April 16, 2010

XOXO Gossip Dog

Gossip Girl who?
Last night, after something of a hiatus from the fashion dog circuit (pretext of spring has necessitated long days of rolling in grass rather than strutting dogwalks), it was back in the bag for a big night out on the press day town. From inside the safe vantage of Mommy's slouchy white tote from Anthropologie, we journeyed to the HQ of the Arcadia Group to attend the launch of a new Gossip Girl inspired range from Miss Selfridge.

The range itself was very cute, and this pedigreed New York pup could tell just from the mannequins' feet (or equivalent canine view) which dress went with which character. Mommy's a Blair, definitely. That, or I'm the Blair and Mommy the Dorota. Yes, that's more like it.

Speaking of, how come Dorota didn't get her own Miss Selfridge dress? And after Vanya finally proposed on the last episode ("alllll a blur of sparkly..."). Bless.

Mommy translates my comments on the collection during an interview.

Anyway. The invite had promised a "special guest" whom I assumed was yours truly, but turned out in actuality to be the yummy Chace Crawford aka Nate Archibald. But since this bitch is probably more a Chuck fan (as bitches are wont to do), I decided to steal the show from right under his perfectly chiseled features (all the more helped by the fact that by the time mommy said we had to leave, he still had yet to make a cameo). Score one for the pooch.

You know you love me. 


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Doggie Martens turns 50!

making friends as ever
Last week, Mommy and I went on an adventure to Northamptionshire to check out the Dr Marten's factory on the eve of the brand's looming big 5-0. I had a delightful time, crawling round the table in the showroom, showing my approval for an Ugg-like sheepskin range of boots for next winter and even feasting on salami at our pub lunch.

Since the hustle and bustle of the factory could be, at times, ear splittingly loud, I wasn't allowed to tag along on the tour. Instead, I watched as the commemorative 50th anniversary campaign was presented to me. To encapsulate and celebrate that spirit of rebel that DM has come to so lovingly represent. To flush out that cultural "ground zero" and return to the roots of the brand--empowerment, individuality and freedom. Kind of like my own personal fluff mantra.

So, on April 1, Dr. Martens released some newly recorded music and videos onto the internet--tracks which are, essentially, contemporary covers of 80s and 90s cult classics. The musicians are a diverse group of talented artists from across the globe, representing different musical genres.  5 decades, 10 classic songs, 10 up and coming bands, 10 video directors. Sounds like a recipe for a successful campaign to me.

Partners in fuzziness
My personal favorite of the videos, Ever Fallen In Love With Someone You Shouldn't've (Buzzcocks)  covered by Noisettes. Rankin, whilst not my all time favorite of photographers, translated his 2d vision surprisingly well onto the digital screen. And the hot pink metallic DMs look boss. 

All I have to say to DM going forward: in your next half century, you best expand them airsoles to us four legged patrons. Doggie Docs forever!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Butters gets an iPad!!!

"Thanks Steve. But I think it should be called the iPom." (image source: