Thursday, April 8, 2010

Doggie Martens turns 50!

making friends as ever
Last week, Mommy and I went on an adventure to Northamptionshire to check out the Dr Marten's factory on the eve of the brand's looming big 5-0. I had a delightful time, crawling round the table in the showroom, showing my approval for an Ugg-like sheepskin range of boots for next winter and even feasting on salami at our pub lunch.

Since the hustle and bustle of the factory could be, at times, ear splittingly loud, I wasn't allowed to tag along on the tour. Instead, I watched as the commemorative 50th anniversary campaign was presented to me. To encapsulate and celebrate that spirit of rebel that DM has come to so lovingly represent. To flush out that cultural "ground zero" and return to the roots of the brand--empowerment, individuality and freedom. Kind of like my own personal fluff mantra.

So, on April 1, Dr. Martens released some newly recorded music and videos onto the internet--tracks which are, essentially, contemporary covers of 80s and 90s cult classics. The musicians are a diverse group of talented artists from across the globe, representing different musical genres.  5 decades, 10 classic songs, 10 up and coming bands, 10 video directors. Sounds like a recipe for a successful campaign to me.

Partners in fuzziness
My personal favorite of the videos, Ever Fallen In Love With Someone You Shouldn't've (Buzzcocks)  covered by Noisettes. Rankin, whilst not my all time favorite of photographers, translated his 2d vision surprisingly well onto the digital screen. And the hot pink metallic DMs look boss. 

All I have to say to DM going forward: in your next half century, you best expand them airsoles to us four legged patrons. Doggie Docs forever!

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