Sunday, August 28, 2011

As you may have noticed, dearest followers of this dlog, I've really been neglecting my dlogging duties of late. What with all the trials and travails of leading the life of a top fashion dog, I hardly have time to sit down at the mini-doggy desktop to keep you updated of the the latest in canine fabulousness. And I feel like a very very bad dog about it. However, not so bad that I'd trade my afternoons in Holland Park for extra credit dlogging, a doginista's gotta have her priorities. That being said, so as to not totally deprive you of my fabulousness, like the sun playing hide and seek in Londontown all summer long or being shut up in the doghouse out back when the bed is dressed in the finest Egyptian cottons, it's just cruel and I'd never do that to you. So in the meantime, until I can hire my second personal dogassistant to help me stay on top of my tedious doggy admin, I have moved myself over to the more low-maintenance (not at all like my tail) Tumblr where I've launched a Pomblr of my very own. So until the dog days are over and I find myself with a bit more extra time on my paws, it'll have to be the Pomblr for you and for me.

So I do hope you won't take this opportunity to go off lead and stray too far from my Pommy pack, I promise the life of this fashion dog is still worth following, we're just going to have to Pomblr for it in the time being...

You can check out my Pomblr here, and also don't forget, I'm still on Twitter and Dogbook!

Yours Fluffily,
Butters xx