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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Doggy Style: Juicy Couture

So while Mommy has been busy flitting about shooting here, there and everywhere, it was time for the Doginista to usurp the spotlight and slip into a little fur and makeup for a bit of Doggy Style. My target du jour? Doggy mainstay label, Juicy Couture, whose pickings have evolved beyond the normal puppy puffas and printed tees to include a sophisticated range of accessories and apparel for the stylish canine on the go. It's all in the name, couture dahhhhling....

Look One: Flashdog
Look one for me, was not my favorite. Whilst I adored this chocolate and pink sport striped jumper, these paw-warmers left me feeling less than amused. If you're going to opt for paw covers of some sort, they better cover your actual paws! How silly these humans can be...

Look Two:  Faux Fabulousness
This little number has been on the dlog before, but given that faux fur is all the rage this season (thank you, Uncle Karl), I just couldn't resist the opportunity to rock it again. All you need is a Cartier diamond studded collar (and matching lead) and you're ready to hit the Ivy (just beware the pommy paps lurking outside).

Look Three: Razzle Dazzle
Look three was this grey jersey number with tiny gold sequin detail. I loved the cut on the front of the shirt, and Mommy's always a big fan of jersey for pommy on account of how easy it is to wash (not that I EVER roll in the dirt). This is the sort of outfit I'd slip into for an afternoon of shopping or appointments--nothing too fancy, but the sequinage is key for any doginista.

Look Four: Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Who's the Chicest Dog of All?
As you all know, ruffles are set to be HUGE in the canine fashion world for SS11, and this frock ticks all the right boxes. My signature color, princess pink, a cascade of cotton tiered shingles AND...(pawroll please...) comes complete with a hood! I've accessorized this look with my Choose Juicy purse chew.

Look Five: The Bitch is Back
Every doginista knows that her collar is her calling card. That is to say, the one accessory by which all the other doggies in the park judge her. For a petit pom like myself, embellished collars are a tricky affair, as anything with more than one crystal feels like a lead ball round my delicate little neck. Luckily, Juicy have designed this fab black leather collar adorned with the letters in gold "THE BITCH IS BACK" but in the lightest of materials, so while it appears chunky, it doesn't snap my neck. The gold tassel detail is also lovely, but I predict cumbersome during routine activities such as fetch, so I'd relegate this saucy little number to my collection of going-out-collars.
Look Six: Pommy Down the Chimney Tonight
I simply adore this black and white check jacket (so much so, in fact, I took it home with me), this is the perfect garment for the London doginista on the go. Less restrictive than a long sleeve coat or a puffa, this is an easy everyday piece. Complete with lead-hole at the nape, a lovely sturdy wool, this coat keeps me chic as I strut my stuff about the City of Westminster.

Look Seven: Window-Gazer

Another Spring/Summer look, this ruffle front, bow-tied dress is a classic summer number you'll find yourself pulling out of your doggy wardrobe season after season. I love the ties in the front, sweet as pie-but no romping in the park in this one!! An outfit may just be for Christmas but a grass stain is forever...
Look Eight: Rub a Dub Dub, Pommy in the Tub!

This was Mommy's favorite look, she could barely shoot it she was so busy fawning. A terry cloth robe is really a must for any true doginista, what are you suppose to do, lounge at home naked?? Anyhow, this bunny-themed robe had Mommy on her knees with its floppy bunny-eared hood and cottonball tail.

Look Nine: The Pommy Princess and the Pea

Those of you who've had the honor of puppy-sitting me know that yours truly never sits on the floor, never on the couch...but only atop the highest fluff of pillows either on your sofa or bed. We Pomeranians are creatures of luxury. So for a long time, Mommy has wanted to shoot me as the Princess and the Pea. Here we've simulated the fairy tale using a stack of pillows and a pink ball chew toy (Juicy Couture of course). For my outfit, Mommy put me in a hot pink jumpsuit (the canine version of the tracksuit), which is about as modern-day princessy as you can get!

Look Ten: Pommy in Plaid
Look Eleven: Mantlepiece