Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tea for Two With Erdem Moralioglu

A couple of weeks ago, the Fashion Dog trotted over to Browns for a spot of tea with the one and only Erdem Moralioglu. We cuddled and snacked and had our pic snapped as Mama tried on some of Erdem's dresses. The instant love between the designer and my plucky self was so palpable that Erdem even offered to Mommy to swap yours truly for a gown! While I wasn't thrilled at the idea, Mommy, clad head to toe in a £3k chiffon dream paused momentarily. So when we got home, I paid her back by rehashing my tea with Erdem on the living room floor for her to clean. That's right, you never f*ck with the Fashion Dog! SUPERSTAR!!!

"Oh Erdem, I love you more macarons if you please."
"When the Fashion Dog is in the room, I outshine everyone else and models are relegated to behind the lens to shoot MOI"
"Twitpic in YO face."
"New besties"

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