Thursday, July 29, 2010

Pomeranian in the Press: Vitamin Water

Vitamin Water: "still looking for inspiration? check out butter's blog the number fashion industry dog! look out for her bag range at jaeger, oh yeah you heard us! this dogs got style."

Me: Cull all the inspiration you want, bitches of Vitamin Water, but know that the tail is a one-off bespoke creation even Philip Treacy could not hope to replicate.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Mutts and Pups, Bitches of London, hear ye, hear ye: this Pomeranian has a bit of very exciting breaking news to share (suck it, Women'sWearDoggy).

For the forthcoming Spring/Summer 2011 season, yours truly, le fashion dogitina extraordinaire, will be teaming up with the design team at Jaeger London to create my ULTIMATE ride: the Butters Bag. You see, the conundrum is thus. I am the fashion dog, yet there does not exist on this stylish earth a dog bag per se, that does not resemble a DOG BAG. That is, not shaped like it's built for a Westie, no ugly vents, no obvious LIVE ANIMAL INSIDE paraphernalia of any sort. Because, any of you who know me know that I AM NOT JUST A DOG.

So mommy and I refuse to acquiesce to such tack-tastic modes of transport and, as you know, I practically live in mommy's Neverfull. Comfortable though the LV may be, it is not without its kinks, given that the bag was in essence, not designed to maximize Pomeranian comfort, although it damn well should have been.

When the subject came up with Auntie Iona at Jaeger, she suggested the wonderful idea that I work alongside Jaeger's handbag design team to create the ultimate carrier of canine chic: the dog bag that looks nothing like a dog bag.

And as any good muse/designer, I went into the meeting with the design team fully prepared. That is to say, I brought with me a selection of my three favorite bags so as to demonstrate what works and what doesn't (strap length, depth of the bag, solid bottom, that sort of thing) so as to stir up the winning ingredients. The designers are marinating on my words of wisdom and working on the sketches and mock ups as we speak...more updates to come soon!

But to all those haters out there, I say this: there's a new "it" bag in the works, and I guarantee its bark will be every bit as chic as it's bite. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOFFFFFFFFFFF!!!


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

DOGUE: Cover Pom

Available on a canine corner newsstand near you

graphics by Auntie Emily Johnston of Fashion Foie Gras

Friday, July 2, 2010

At Last...

Yesterday morning I went to the launch of the inaugural Cosmopolitan Magazine Blog awards. And while I'm sure I walked away with a nomination clinched for Dlog of the Year, there was just so much more that went down. This video says it all. Dhilly my love, this one goes out to you...

PS be sure to check out my love's daddy's blog, The Very Simon G! But consider yourselves forewarned: if you cyber stalk my Dhilly, me and my tail are coming after you! xx

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Too hot to handle: a doggy hair crisis

Too hot to move!
Summer has finally arrived and I have a complaint to take up against the heat: I am one hot bitch. Being a pom originally hailing from POMERANIA (today part of eastern Germany and northern Poland), I have a double layered coat and was born and bred, believe it or not, to pull tiny designer sleds through the snow. I am a creature of Autumn/Winter, a lover of furs, shearlings and anything fuzzy. Gladiator sandals and floral summer frocks are simply not a good look for me--makes my tale look fat. So every year, when this weather rolls around, turning Londontown (the city also known as LAND-OF-NO-AIRCON) into a dog-sized sauna, I suffer. I pant, my tongue hanging out of my mouth which makes me look like a desperate single lass ready to devour the nearest pug or bulldog to saunter past. My paws are so hot and sweaty I can barely type this post, all I want to do is splay out on the bed and pray for a slight breeze to break the heavy stale air (pictured above).  What to do?? Last summer, when I went with Mommy to Sorrento for a beach holiday, she had me shaved in order to make my adventures more comfortable (keeping the tail, of course). And while at first I felt as though my prize fabulousness had been cruelly robbed from me, after I saw how the world swooned and crooned at my short crop, I owned up to it and rocked the look well into the fall when my locks started to grow back.

My short 'do
But the problem was thus: because of the delicate nature of a Pomeranian's double coat, you are never to take a razor to our fur. This groomer (Mutz Nutz) did just that. So while the cut looked and felt great for the summer months, it actually, like a bad perm or crappy extensions, did more damage to my coat in the long run. It took months of regular trips to the groomer to regain my former fluff, and it's still not all back yet.

There's also the matter of the short cut making me look like a pup again, which, having just rounded 21 in dog years, sends cootie-like shivers up my spine. I want to scream in Mommy's face, I'M NOT A PUPPY ANYMORE and get the grown up respect I feel I've earned over the long years of my adolescence. But the shortcut takes me straight back to a young girl of 14 weeks, I really don't want to have to start carrying my ID again to parties. Besides, you never know when this heat will break and London's atmosphere returned to its regularly gloomy state and I'll be left shorn, nearly naked, for all the world to see and freezing cold.  I suppose I could always go the route of doggy extensions in that case, but being a breed known for the fabulousness of my coat, I just never felt right checking out the canine weaves alongside those scraggly hairless chihuahuas. OH the trials and tribulations of a doginista's life!