Friday, July 2, 2010

At Last...

Yesterday morning I went to the launch of the inaugural Cosmopolitan Magazine Blog awards. And while I'm sure I walked away with a nomination clinched for Dlog of the Year, there was just so much more that went down. This video says it all. Dhilly my love, this one goes out to you...

PS be sure to check out my love's daddy's blog, The Very Simon G! But consider yourselves forewarned: if you cyber stalk my Dhilly, me and my tail are coming after you! xx


  1. That's the best video EVER!!! LOLOLOLOL amazing.
    Dhilly sends his love to you both xx

  2. super cute!!! who's dog is she playing with?

  3. I'm sorry, what's MY boyfriend doing sending love to my mother?? Is there something I need to know about? She ain't no MILF (mutt I want to f*ck)! Dhilly only has eyes for one foxy Knoxy and that's ME!


  4. that's my new boyfriend, grandma. you will meet him one day if he continues to behave. I think he may be the one!