Sunday, January 30, 2011

Pomeranian at the Press Days: Mulberry Mio

On Friday, Mommy took me to visit one of my all-time favorite human and canine brands, Mulberry, who were having their preview for Fall/Winter 2011. Remembering last season's Victoria Sponge Cakes from the press day, my little paws couldn't carry me down Bond Street fast enough. And sure enough,  in lieu of cakes (there were little foxy cookies which resembled my own visage so much that even I couldn't bring myself to chow down), there was a chubby and wrinkly faced boy pug, the Mulberry pug, lounging about at his mommy's feet wearing the latest season's hoodie waiting to greet me upon arrival.

Being the diva doginista I am, I can smell a fix up from a mile away. The human thought process is thus: "ooooh they're both doggy models, roughly the same age, it'll be love at first sight!" HEllllllo! Doesn't mommy know I string along multiple boys at any given time, it's just the diva doginista's way. Anyhow, I'll never turn my tail up at an opportunity to sniff bums with a pedigreed and STRAIGHT male dog, alas, I'm worried that Uncle Simon G's Dhilly has gone over to the gays and is now using me as a doggy-beard. However, straight though the pug may be, he was also working a little number at the press day and I just couldn't let myself be shown up. Exqueese me: I AM THE FASHION DOG, taste coming out of my little paws in spades. He is nothing more than a canine clothes-hanger, a vestibule on which doggy jumpers and jackets get showcased--it was very obvious that this here was a straight, unfixed man of a man dog.

So naturally, I was invited to try on this amazing taupe and cream striped mohair jumper, so that myself and my male counterpart could pose together for a few choice puppy paparazzi. 

Fashion dog and lover of limelight that I am, I beamed naturally at the cameras, widening my smile to put Julia Robert's to shame and coyly showing off the assets of that beautiful jumper. Poor little man was totally upstaged, I mean, just look at the dismay on his face in the photo above. When it comes to a little snappy sesh, all canine breeds must know, pugs simply cannot compete with Pomeranians.

That's right, you can make that sad droopy face all you want, poof beats wrinkles and that's that. Eventually, I got bored of his sulking and migrated in the direction natural for all fashion dogs: towards the nearest Alexa. Slumped over on the floor, a classic honey Alexa was sitting neglected, so I had to check it out.

After touching the soft leather with my paws, I knew that this little number had to be added to mommy's bag wishlist, and promptly set about seeing if I could climb inside (read: investigating whether or not Mommy needs to go oversized to accommodate yours truly). Too bad the owner had the damn thing buckled and I couldn't get inside! Opposable thumbs would be SO useful sometimes!

"I'm sorry, but can you help me with this latch thingy so I can try this Alexa on???"
"Who needs boys when you have toys!!!"
"And we all lived happily ever after..."
Except for Mr. Puggle, who went home sulking in a plastic shopping bag, his Mommy's Alexa having been usurped. Pommy WHAT!!!!"


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