Sunday, January 23, 2011

Doginista: A day in the life...Outnet Shoot

Another day, another photoshoot. This time, Mommy and a bunch of her blogger friends were invited to play dress up at the Outnet. Here's a selection of piccies from the day!

Like Mother, like Pommy....we foxy Knoxies are suckers for Alexander Wang!
For some reason, everyone on set thought this Dolce & Gabbana jacket resembled moi. I really didn't see the resemblance! But if Stefano and Domenico stole my essence without cutting me in on some of the sales, they are in for one big wee wee outside their next runway show. Pomeranian W-E-R-Q!
Tala from My Fash Diary THINKS they're interviewing here, but the tiny mike stashed in my tail proves otherwise...all cameras are really focused on me!
But while the cameras may be focused on me, I'm focused (as usual) on the canapes! In particular the Outnet served up a tasty little salmon treat.
The tools of the trade--how else do you think I maintain my PERFECT fluff???
Photographers' assistants are always putty in my paws
 Be sure to watch this space for the final photos!!!


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