Thursday, May 13, 2010

Canine Cannes: My Big Screen Debut

On Saturday, on a far away exotic location in Kilburn, I, Butters the Fashion Dog, made my silver screen debut, alas forgoing the red carpet a-beckoning from Cannes. A modest role, sure, but nonetheless a crucial one. The production is Join My Band from writer-director Naomi Wrigh, a short film about a boy (Steve) who meets a girl (Stella) who then starts a band to get said girl. Set in inner city London, the film is a comic boy-meets-girl story about how something chaotic but beautiful can emerge from the clash of opposites. And that's where I come in.

Steve is walking me down the street, as I'm looking particularly girly and cuddly in my pink fleece monkey pajamas, when he happens to spot Stella through the window practicing her harp. Then comes my big moment: I let out a yap, startling him from his revelation that he should form a band to get close to her...I yap a second time...all eyes on me, I can see the reflection of my eyes in the camera as it swoops down for my final close up...and scene.

I have already cleared a space on the mantle for my anticipated Oscar, Best Supporting Pomeranian.

Myself with Mad Fowler aka "Steve"
Max gets coiffed in between takes
no need for coiffing
camera-ready always
looking bored during the big scene

mommy bribing me with treats in between takes

mommy coaching me to bark on cue

all in a day's work, exhausted on the ride home


  1. Butters, you look AMAZING girl, I am loving that screen sparkle x

  2. Excellent wardrobe selection lil B.

  3. why thank you auntie courtney! xx

  4. thank you! sparkle is my middle name. after fabulous, of course :)