Friday, May 21, 2010

Dog in a Bag: Mud, Mutts and Mulberry

Peace. Love. Mud. Words to live by, if you ask me (just please add "beef" and "tummy rub"). On Tuesday, mommy took me along to a breakfast at Mulberry for the launch of their collaboration with Glastonbury photographer Venetia Dearden. 

Whilst mommy was busy investigating the photography and chatting away, I discovered, to my great joy, that a doggy festival ground--Glastonpomerania!--had already been erected in anticipation of my arrival! I whizzed in and about the tent, wolf grin plastered on my face, and hopped from pink hay bale to orange to blue to yellow to green before having a quality roll around. 

Then, to my surprise, another dog arrived, the rather presumptuous Beano, who kept trying to paw both me and my hay bale (younger man, he was only one, when will these boys ever learn!). I soon tired of the flirtation and set my sights on the breakfast canapes making the rounds in the room (once I smelled mini-hamburger, hay bales and Beano be damned, I was on a mission!!).

I was then introduced to the artist, Venetia, who was a really lovely woman. Naturally, I had to test drive the goodie bag, this hemp sack, with a lonnnnng strap. The bag itself is perfect for me, mommy can fit me, her wallet, keys and phone (maybe a small camera) quite comfortably. It's not very deep, so there's no straining of my neck to see. The only problem (which is mommy's favorite feature) is the long strap. Since the bag itself sits below the hip, I get bounced around off mommy's bum when she walks--so it's not the smoothest of rides. But then again, shouldn't the road to Glastonbury be a bumpy unpaved one? It's not exactly an insurmountable problem. All mommy needs to do is tie up the strap when she takes me around in the bag and I'll be ready to rock and roll (in the mud) all festival long!!