Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Machine A!

with aunties Sunshine and Emma
On Friday, my birthday festivities solidly now a week in the past, I headed on over to Soho with mommy to help one of our favorite stores in London, MACHINE-A, ring in their first anniversary. Besotted as I am by store owner Uncle Stavros and the wonderful Uncle Paul (we bonded whilst Mommy had tea in the window one day with Johnny Blueeyes), it was wonderful to see so many Butters fans gathered together in one place (again). Aunties Emma, Laura and Sunshine popped in and Uncle Bert came fully armed as per usual with slices of roast beef just for me.

Whilst I was not allowed to see the installation going on downstairs (you'll have to skip over to Mommy's blog for that sort of grown-up content), it was great to catch up with my fans, family and friends. If not for them, what's the point of this fabulous fashion doginista life?

So to my dears at MACHINE-A, I would like to wish you a very happy first anniversary and many many more successful years to come! xxx

I may be canine colorblind, but even I could see that neon yellow outfit a doggy mile away
Lots of love with Uncle Stavros
doginista ready to be collected by her car and chauffeured home to bed
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