Monday, September 20, 2010

Pomeranian EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Armani, the Mulberry SS11 Dog

"That's right, Armani, whisper in my ear..."
Butters: How long have you been modelling, is this your first Mulberry show?
Armani: Yes, this is my first show. I’m really excited – I was scouted by Mulberry when out and about in London on my lead!
 Butters: Oh the old park n' scout--I get that ALLLLL the time. 

Butters: What are your favourite shoes in the collection? Which ones would you most like to chew?
Armani: I think that the D-ring Wrap Booties in Oak Silky Snake would be the most tasty!
Butters: Oooh python for breakfast, soooo much chicer than kibble!! 

Butters: What is your favourite bag from this collection? Which one do you think would be the best for me to ride in?
Armani: Definitely the Tillie in Bengal Tiger. The haircalf is oh-so comfortable and very plush to ride in, and totally chic for the owner to carry.
Butters: I'll be sure to drop Mommy the hint. 

Butters: Which runway look is your favourite to be walked beside?
Armani: The Polly Push Lock Trench in Chestnut with the Piccadilly in Oak Silky Snake is elegant, classic and something I would always be very happy to walk beside, I could always hop in the Piccadilly if I get tired!

Butters: Enough about the humans, what is your own favourite look from the collection?
Armani: Mulberry’s Dog Macs are always cute and warm for when I’m out strutting the streets. This season it comes in a fabulous Trippy Tiger print, which makes me stand out from the other pooches and is so on trend for Spring Summer!
Butters: Omigod! There's nothing better than a fierce dog werking a bit of feline attitude. Those cats are really only good for one thing: lending their spots and stripes to our outerwear! 

Butters: How long did it take to do your fur and makeup?
Armani: Oh it took ages! Pat McGrath almost forgot to curl my eyelashes! Sam McKnight did an amazing job puffing up my fur –it’s a shame I didn’t get to wear the red wig!
Butters: You would have looked FAB as a ginger. 

Butters: Will we be seeing you in the next campaign?
Armani: Of course, I’d really love to be, but it is still to be confirmed.
Butters: Well if you don't, I sure will!!!

Butters: Are you jealous of my new Mulberry coat?
Armani: It looks fabulous on you darling! I’m really lucky to have a few Mulberry pieces in my own closet which I really treasure.
Butters: Armani, it's been an absolute pleasure, here, take my number but please, no doggy booty calls in the middle of the night (wink wink). 

Some shots of Armani on the DogWalk


  1. Looking good, how I miss my pug, Sidney, who wore a bow tie with panache

  2. wooooooooooooootttttttttttttttttttttthhhhhhhhhhhhhhh wwwwwwoooottthhh

  3. Hi Butters, its Armani & Fizz here. We just wanted to say what a fabulous day we had being the Mulberry Dogs for their ss11 show! Strutting down the catwalk for all those 2 legged stars to see & getting lots of cuddles & kisses from all the gorgeous red haired models was great, but highlight of the day was getting to meet you Butters (wink, wink!! from Armani). Think we all looked pretty great in our Mulberry Mac's!!! Thanks for the great interview & pics, Fizz (Boldavier Fizzy Bubblech) & Armani (Friend DLP @ Kingfriend)