Monday, September 20, 2010

Fashion Week Interlude

I know whilst Mommy has been in NYC scrambling away to cover fashion shows at NYFW, my dlog has fallen on radio silence. This is entirely her fault, always blame the human. I was so miffed at being unable to cross the Atlantic with her to visit my hometown and recreate my careless pre-doginista days rolling around in the dirt at Tompkins Square dog park that I just decided to dog it all to hell and kick up my paws in relaxation until the fash pack re-Trans-Atlantic-ified coming back to me. Like a terrier fetching a stick in the park, they always come back. But, thanks to this rabies-less island and its ridiculous and insular pet policies (just you wait, Great Britain, I'll show you a rabid fashionista), I had to stay put. So, in dogged protest, I abstained from dlogging til Mommy's return. But now she's back and made it up to me with a brand new bag and coat. Ok, to be fair, not from Mommy herself, but adoring PRs who just can't help but shower me with gifts (as they ought!). One item you'll be seeing loads of this fashion week season is my new Butters Bag, courtesy of Jaeger (proper post coming soon). The other is my spiffy new Mulberry coat which was sent over for me to sport to the show. Speaking of Mulberry, enough of my pommy excuses, let's get back to fashion dlogging!
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