Monday, March 22, 2010

Vote for Butters for Ted Baker's Best in Show!

After a particularly amusing afternoon romp with my pals Sena and Bo over at Dinny Hall, I had a rather serendipitous encounter with a store window whilst tromping homeward back up Westbourne Grove. "Who is Westbourne Grove's prettiest pooch?" read the words scrawled across the storefront of Ted Baker. I stopped and tugged on the lead til mother put down the iPhone and paid attention. Who is indeed.

Evidently, it works like this. You trot into the shop (mark a wee bit of territory in the entrance--BEST in show, remember??), have your picture snapped (easy peasey) and you're entered in the prize draw. The winner (i.e. me) will be announced by April 9th. Just a ripe three weeks before my third birthday, a fitting gift.
If you don't have the pleasure of one of my fellow canine's company at the moment, you can (now listen up, important part) cast your vote in store for the CUTEST CANINE (again, moi) and you'll be in the running for the spree. But a vote for me itself outstrips by far the excitement of a hypothetical spree. And you thought the healthcare reform vote was a milestone.

Ted Baker
198 Westbourne Grove
Notting Hill, London W11 2RH
020 7792 1753

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