Friday, March 12, 2010


Tis happened at long last. Mommy aka The Clothes Whisperer, who was supposed to take me with her to Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks so I could show off my newly toned fluff bum thanks to weeks of doggy Pilates but treacherously DIDN'T is back. And she owes me.

Hence, the launch of my new blog, or dlog, or even clog (canine+blog) since they're the hot footwear du jour this spring anyway. Can't wait for mommy to bring home the Chanel SS10 stunners so I can give em a good chew. MMMM Lagerfeld, sooo good when it hits the lips. 

Right, back to the dlog/clog/as you puppy please. This is to be a space for all this fierce, fabulous and well, essentially me. That's right baby, all Pomeranian all the time. Canine couture, doggy street style, yours truly strutting her stuff on yet another runway, peeking my cute self out of a model's arm at this photoshoot or that. The life of a fashion dog is not an easy one. So watch this space and follow my lead for a dog's eye view (and review) of the charmed existence of a dame doginista!

Let the Dogue-ing begin!