Monday, October 18, 2010

Haute Dog: The Drekitude of the Doggle

So as you all know, thanks to the lovely folks at DEFRA, who delight in hiding behind regulations making it effectively impossible for a little fashion dog to innocently and SANS RABIES transatlanticify for the fashion shows, I was unable to attend NYFW this season (check in with Mommy for proper show coverage). Good thing before I packed up and moved off the little island that could, I left with a network of Canine Style Spies, sourced all the way from Tompkins Square Dog Run in the East Village up to Park Avenue Puppy Princesses, securely in place.

So what should land in my inbox mid fashion week (besides my FROW ticket to Marc Dogabs, sigh), but a plethora of haute dog sightings: doggy street style a la NYC to the max. From the pack, there are a few I'd like to share with you, starting with this little four legged creature sighted outside the tents at Lincoln Center. One word, ladies and pugglemen: DOGGLES. I'm sorry, did you get lost trying to make your way to a Legally Blonde on Broadway audition? Do you need prescriptive eyewear? Do the doggies at the dog run throw THAT much dirt in your face? There is simply no excuse. Pinkified--fine. Puppia'd out--fine. Color coordinating with your owner--ehhh, I'll let it slip (I mean, matching with my mommy is a whole different story). But DOGGLES avec chin strap? There is no way this doginista will condone such behavior--it's worse than taking a sneaky wee behind the couch. Two words: Doggy Drekitude!!!!You know what they say in top dog land, one minute you're in, the next you're relegated beyond the bouncers at NYFW wearing DOGGLES!!!!!!


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