Monday, October 18, 2010

Friends and Fabulousness: The Pomeranain Takes London Fashion Week

While I may not have hit New York Fashion Week, I was ready and waiting to pound my paws on the pavement outside Somerset House upon Mommy's return. In fact, I was so excited to see her after two long weeks apart (and my life seriously lacking in fabulousness accordingly) that I literally wagged my tail so hard that it propelled me off the bed the minute she walked in the door. Reunited at last with my human version of AddLee (call Mommy anytime, anywhere, all she needs is a postcode and a tote with my name on it arrives at my paws), I made the obligatory fashion dog rounds...

"Front row? Yes Please!"
"I'll show you force fed daily, Aunty Em of Fashion Foie Gras"
"Nice matching sweaters (snicker snicker)...two pugs snug as bugs in Mulberry rugs."
"Joy to the World, the Pom hath come"
"I love you Mommy!!!"
"I'm not sure who you are but I'll smile because I'm fabulous!"
"Aunty Lira made me a GORGEOUS new coat...jealous???"
"So excited to be at Mulberry my tongue is falling out my mouth!"
"That fashion is an industry devoid of straight un-neutered men is a totally fallacy. Three way flirting behind Somerset House!"
"Vauxhall Fashion Dog"
"Pommy in the Middle"
"Where IS my intern with my dogachino??"
"NO Standing, seated only, biatch."
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