Sunday, June 12, 2011

Doginista of the Day: Peter Pan, Milan

As Mommy prepares to return to Italia for the mens fashion shows next week, I get in the mood by interviewing a little Milanese-based snack of my own, the hunky chocolate lab Peter Pan. Son of Mommy's friend Aunty Delphine Hervieu, who is a fashion writer out in Milan, Peter Pan, though Parisian in origina, is the dolciest doggy around the catwalks of the Duomo.

Butters Fashion Dog: Peter Pan, can you, as your name suggests fly? Or do you just wear lots of the PP collars churned out by Miu Miu a few seasons back
Peter Pan: Yes, I can fly very high at least in my dreams. What makes me fly? cookies, apples, my mum when she comes back from work. In regards to Miu Miu, it is definitely one of my favourite brands, I have been intoxicated by my Mummy. She loves collars and goes around showcasing her leopard, polka dot or pompom ones, all by Miu... Miu.

BFD: What are you most Diva Doginista qualities? Do they kick in mainly around dinnertime or are you an attention whore?
PP:   I hate when people do not hold the door for me in the elevator or just pass in front of me without a smile or a knock of the head. I do not enter fast food or fast fashion places and definitely could not tolerate to have to sleep on the floor. I am an attention whore, sophistication does not belong to a daily time slot.

BFD: What's your signature pose when modeling? 
PP: Sitting straight on my paws.

BFD: Tell me a little about your average day, what does a day in the life of a Milanese fashion dog look like?
PP: I wake up very early as my mum takes me out before she goes to the gym, she is a fitness freak. So my alarm clock is set to 5:30... Then I go back to bed and wait for her to come back. Breakfast served, a bit of pampering and I am ready to welcome my dogsitter who takes me out for at least two hours in the park. Most of the time my mum will pick me up for a nice lunch at Gold or some American treats at Californian Bakery. Afternoons are to rest as most of the evenings I am out and about, starring at fashion and glamourous events from art gallery openings to fashion happenings, believe me, I come back with a mouth full of business cards.

BFD: Two final questions: 1) What is your favorite designer shoe to chew? and 2) You're obviously too big to ride in a bag, but if you could, what bag would it be?
PP: Balenciaga for bags and Prada for shoes. Chanel is a no go. For bags, it would be a bespoke one from Goyard, I am a bit French after all!


  1. great interview, Butters!  funny and witty!  You have to give me a tip how to interview the divas!!!

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  6. I had a great time reading this interview with Peter Pan. I almost believe he can fly indeed. Kidding aside, I love reading every entry you have here butters. You are a real celebrity dog. I hope you'll meet my adorable chao-chao. She got a very shiny fur just like Peter Pan. I pampered her with fashionable dresses and jerseys, too. Yes, she's into sports lately just like her mommy. Hope she can play games with you.

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