Sunday, March 13, 2011

My Fabulous Friends: Roland Mouret

In the midst of the LFW madness, Mommy and I snuck away from the melee of Somerset House to join my fabulous friend Roland Mouret for a glass (or mini bowl, in my case) of champers at his new flagship store at 8 Carlos Place. I must say, I have a soft spot for handsome Frenchmen, and Roland (proud father to Jack Russel Dave) really knows how to handle a posh dog or two. Scratching me in just the right spots and tickling my tummy, when Roland had to get up and leave us to go for a fitting, I nearly let my killer bark resound throughout the shop in defiance. But on account of his fabulousness and this fashion dog's innate understanding of how to play the game, especially in the runup to his Paris runway show, instead, I just nudged mommy to insist that she pick off where he left off. Roland, mon amour, I'll see you in Paris!

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