Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Doginista of the Day: All American Hunk Bizmark's Bodacious Buddy

Just LOOK at those sculpted haunches! Yum!
Today's Doginista of the day is along the lines of mommy's most recent blog posts from Milan--that is to say, MAN CANDY (to all the little chihuahua bitches out there reading, YOU'RE WELCOME for this mid-week pick me up)! Who knew when I opened the call for doginista submissions that I'd find myself in a matter of days staring smackdab into the face of the Brad Pitt of the canine world, my forlorn love across the sea, Bizmark's Bodacious Buddy known affectionately to those in his inner circle as Bodey.

Bodey is AKC registered Golden Retriever of Emily from Fashion Foie Gras. He, just like his mommy (and my aunty!!!!) is from an award winning bloodline (obviously, just look at that jawline) of golden retrievers. A strapping man of six, like a fine canine wine or Geroge Clooney, Bodey just continues grow more handsome with each passing year. A true all-American dog, Bodey prefers the brands of the heartland and is hardly ever seen wearing bandannas by anyone other than Ralph Lauren. Sigh, sometimes a girl just needs a bit of preppy masculinity in her life to get the puppy-heart rate going.

Alas, All-American hunk that he is, Bodey resides back in North Carolina while his Mommy lives here in London. There are times when I see Aunty Em and she has just the faintest trace of smoldering retriever on her, but it's ever so distant, so I dream of the day when I get get a good whiff of my own. But I feel for both Bodey and Aunty Emily, I know how hard it is to be stuck Stateside whilst your Mommy traipses off around the world, abandoning you--in fact, I think I've just sorted our first date dinner conversation. Just two pedigreed blonds, one T-bone steak and the red, white and blue, what more could an American-Pom in London wish for?


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