Monday, August 2, 2010

Butters Takes Glastonbury

You may have thought, whilst reading on Mommy's blog about her gallivanting off to see Stevie Wonder, Jay-Z and three full days at Lovebox that yours truly must have been sat at home, dejected and alone, tail curled up by the phone, waiting for Mommy to come home. Twas not so.

Just as Miss Selfridge kitted out Mommy with passes and clothes for Lovebox, they saved the best for their real favorite four-legged blogger. You see, Mommy is too much of a city girl to do the whole camping thing, but I revel in the chance to take a dump in a wide open field, no poopie bags necessary and run free, the way mother canine nature created me. Yes, as long as I have my pretty pretty pink VI-Pomeranian tent, ample chewtoys, a bit of Dog Perignon, I can sleep just about anywhere.

Miss Selfridge of course recognized this instantly and so hooked me up with a series of outfits and VIP passes to the only festival that really matters, Glastonbury, where I snuggled up with my old friend Kate (we traded notes on maintaining our luscious blonde locks) and had a sniff of Harry Potter pal Emma's new BF. He did not smell like a foxy dachshund, more like a poodle; I predict the romance will not last.

And so I share with you. Just remember this: when it comes to rockin all night long, four legs are better than two.




  1. It seems that you have been somewhere lately. The poncho looks good on you.

  2. this is undoubtedly one of the greatest things I've ever seen! Aunty P loves you!